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What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?


Search engine optimization means “site improvement.” In straightforward terms, Website optimization implies the most common way of working on your site to expand its perceivability in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other web crawlers at whatever point individuals look for:

Items you sell.
Administrations yoru give.
Data on points in which you have profound ability and additionally experience.
The better perceivability your pages have in query items, the almost certain you are to be found and tapped on. Eventually, the objective of site design improvement is to assist with drawing in site guests who will become clients, clients or a group of people that makes want more.

What you’ll realize in this aide:

How Search engine optimization varies from SEM and PPC
Why Search engine optimization is significant
Search engine optimization types and specializations
How Search engine optimization functions
The most effective method to learn Search engine optimization

How is SEO different from SEM and PPC?

SEM and PPC are two other normal terms you will find out about a great deal here on Web crawler Land and catch wind of in the bigger pursuit promoting local area.

Peruse on to dive more deeply into both of these terms and how they’re connected with Web optimization.


SEM represents web index promoting – or, as it is more generally known, search advertising.

Search showcasing is a kind of computerized promoting. It is an umbrella term for the mix of Website design enhancement and PPC exercises intended to drive traffic through natural inquiry and paid search.

Set forth plainly, search advertising is the most common way of acquiring traffic and perceivability from web search tools through both paid and neglected endeavors.

So how do Web optimization and SEM contrast? In fact they aren’t unique – Web optimization is just one-half of SEM:

Website optimization = driving natural traffic from web crawlers.
SEM = driving natural and paid traffic from web search tools.
Presently, this is where things get a piece befuddling.

Today, many individuals use SEM conversely with PPC (which we’ll discuss in the following segment).

This thought appears to undermine Website optimization. Be that as it may, Web optimization is showcasing, very much like PPC is promoting.

Here is the most ideal way to ponder Web optimization and SEM:

Envision SEM is a coin. Web optimization is one side of that coin. PPC is on the other side.


PPC stands for pay-per-click – a type of digital marketing where advertisers are charged whenever one of their ads gets clicked on.

Basically, advertisers bid on specific keywords or phrases that they want their ads to appear for in the search engine results. When a user searches for one of those keywords or phrases, the advertiser’s ad will appear among the top results.

So again, if we think of search marketing as a coin, SEO and PPC are two sides of the same coin – SEO is the unpaid side, PPC is the paid side.

Another key point: it’s important never to think of it as “SEO vs. PPC” (i.e., which one is better) because these are complementary channels. It’s not an either-or question – always choose both (as long as your budget allows it).

As we mentioned before, the terms SEM and PPC are used within the industry interchangeably. However, that isn’t the case here on Search Engine Land.

Whenever we mention “SEM,” it will be because we’re referring to both SEO (organic search) and PPC (paid search).

If you’re curious about the history behind how “SEM” came to mean “PPC” at the exclusion of SEO, you can dig deeper into these articles:

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